How can you apply?  

  • By asking for an appointment via the below form;
  • We prearrange the classes;
  • In case of online classes only after prepaid bank transfer

How can you pay?

Preferred methods of payment are as follows:

  • in case of private classes after each class in cash (payment against invoice)
  • after prearranged appointment (prepaid bank transfer against invoice)*

* Should a class be cancelled by any of the parties, the other party must be notified no later than two hours prior the event. If you opt for prepaid bank transfer, in the above case both parties assume responsibility for a full refund. Thus, in case a class gets cancelled on account of any of the parties, the sum indicated in the online form pertaining to the particular event must be fully refunded based on the data of the completed transaction within 1 bank business day. In case of both payment methods an invoice will be generated and sent using NATURASOFT invoicing software to the specified email address.

Payment method: bank transfer


Address: 1051 Budapest, József nádor tér 8. VI/2.

Tax number: 14293348-2-41

Account number: 12010154-01026562-00100009 – Raiffeisen Bank