Private yoga classes

I give my classes in the form of pre-arranged, private yoga sessions at the agreed upon location within the region of Budapest.

As with all private tuitions, in this case a personal and problem oriented approach is likewise a significant advantage. During private yoga classes possible  inaccuracies may be instantly corrected, in order for the practitioner to interiorize the respective exercises and later on do it on his/her own.

Moreover it is the private attention, which may provide truly personalized support. In my classes I offer the suite of the following trainings to those contacting me for an introduction to yoga, or are just willing to progress.

The price of the private lesson: 10,000 HUF / occasion

Types of classes

Traditional Hatha yoga classes for Beginners, Starting a-new, Intermediate level students in 90 minutes

The traditional hatha yoga is fitting for everyone, irrespective of age group, physique, or gender. In short, its benefits are as follows:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Better digestion
  3. Body-shaping – strength, flexibility, better posture
  4. Healthy spine
  5. Stress relief

The uniqueness of the sequence of exercises lies within the notion, that by the systematic and overall method we move and energize the entire gross body, the energy or pranic body, and the subtle body by means of asanas and pranayama, it balances the operation of the entire physique. In order to achieve this equilibrium, the exercises follow  in orderly succession. Yoga practice begins with mental attuning and warm-ups,  to be  followed by the standing,  the abdominal,  the prone back bending,  the kneeling,  the balancing,  the sitting, and the shoulderstand  postures. The successive asanas strengthen the legs, the abdomen, the back, the arms, while the sitting exercises relax these same areas of the body. This sequence harmonizes the main energy centers from the Root to the Crown Chakra. These postures massage the internal organs as well, thereby improving the operation of the respective organ systems. Methodically, the respective asana-sequences prepare the practitioner for the performance of the next unit, while in the meantime, they also develop the awareness. The effects of standing asanas become  compensated by the sitting ones, those of the abdomenal by the prone back bending, those of the back bending by the seated forward bending, those of the balancing by the arm stretching ones, while the entire sequence finds its resolution in the shoulderstand inverted postures. Naturally, inverted postures too have their particular compensatory asanas. The energy flow within the nadis is supported by appropriate pranayama practices. After the sequence of asanas follows the nadi-shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing, as breathing exercise. In order to bring the spiritual benefits of the sequence to fullness, it is completed by relaxation and mantra-meditation.

Chandra Krama – Moon sequence, Vinyasa Krama Yoga class for Intermediate level students in 90 minutes

Its speciality is that the asanas are conjoined with a sequence of movements harmonized by breathing (vinyasa), while the mind itself closely follows the slow, even, and loud (udjai) yoga breathing, thereby realizing the original purpose of yoga: the subjugation of body and mind.

Registration for personal yoga

All we need is a mattress, a pair of soft pants and a top, and above all, the determination to finally embark on this wonderful journey.